A blog about Catholicism in video games and other parts of nerd culture.

Ys 9

Ever since I finished Final Fantasy 14 last October, I’ve been struggling to come up with new ideas for this website.  I’ve played a lot of games since then, but most of them either didn’t have any obvious relation to Catholicism or were gameplay focused (so there was nothing to write about).  That was until … Continue reading Ys 9

Catholic Video Game Music Playlist

I recently put together a playlist of video game songs on Youtube that sound Catholic inspired to me.  Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP_LjLNbQRhB2vSrDtdYjQUA4OiOgqf0p For some songs it’s the entire song that sounds Catholic inspired to me, but for others it’s just a small part like the intro.  I also noticed that most of them either have … Continue reading Catholic Video Game Music Playlist


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