Hey there, and welcome to Truth in Games.  My name is Trey. Recently I’ve been thinking about how there isn’t really a large overlap between people into nerd culture and people  practicing Catholicism. I’ve found that nerd culture tends to be dominated by atheists because these days there is a pretty high correlation between people who view themselves as smart and both atheist and nerdiness.  On the other hand, when I looked to see if any other Catholics were working in this area, most of what I found was condemning video games. I know there is some understandable resistance to new things in Catholicism, especially after all the craziness of the 60s and 70s but honestly I figured people would have been past this skepticism by now.  The end result is that you have a bunch of people whose only exposure to religion is the new atheists and no one else is reaching out to them. Since I grew up fully in nerd culture and all my hobbies are there, I figured I had a perspective that might be more relatable to others like me. After some direct encouragement from my spiritual director and some indirect encouragement from Bishop Barron, I’ve finally decided to sit down and actually start writing.  I can’t promise anything here will be super deep since writing and literature were never my strong suit, but hopefully it’s enough to get people thinking seriously about topics they might not have before. I pretty much fully expect no one to ever read this stuff, but you never know how something random you throw out there might affect people in the future.

My current plan is basically just write as ideas come to mind.  I’ve really only got 4 at the moment (Castlevania, Legend of Heroes, Xenogears and Ys) that I’ll plan on releasing once a week or so, but I can’t really promise anything after that since as I mentioned, I’m not the best ideas guy out there.  While my main focus will probably be video games, I might also occasionally talk about other topics I have an interest in like comics or anime. Also, as someone who collects a lot of video game music, I think I might just include a link to a elevant song with each post.

Anyways, welcome and hopefully you find what you read interesting like I do.

Song of the Post-

Fisherman’s Horizon

Final Fantasy VIII

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